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We're 'on the outside looking in'...No US Congressional Oversight Committee, No International Atomic Energy Agency, No Joint Chiefs of Staff, & No National Security Council...another words, we don't have access to any classified documents. Nor do we know anyone that has access to classified documents.

Based on court papers, Judges' decisions, peer-reviewed journal articles, & well-researched open source articles, we search for STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE-in all likelihood-and-in all probability---we look for trends-inferences-patterns---and then, we attempt to conceivably reach 'responsible' conclusions. By the way, we believe that our conclusions are very CLOSE!!! Classified Information is the MEAN...We're within the standard deviation of the Mean...THE RUSSO DISCLAIMER

SOME OF THE THOUGHT PROCESSES @ Frankie's LAB, we search for the position vectors [in meters or miles], geo-political landscape=> GeoVectors=> leads to displacement analysis=> vector A to vector B=> Actual geographic data=> leads to Digitized Vectors in real time

For Example, Do you think Iran would've invaded the Saudi Kingdom from the Iranian border-if the Persian Gulf wasn't there=> 'General' Putin invaded Ukraine from Moscow-NO significant water mass or land mass between Moscow & Ukraine!?

In addition, we review the events & transaction in public domain=> Vectors, as well=> leads to the frequentist domain=> Experiments with repeatable results=science... Vectors=events & transactions with repeatable results...are they algorithmic, in nature!?

For Example, early 2000s, 9/11 hijackers used the position vectors from the southern border: San Antonio, Texas=> Houston, Texas=> New Orleans, LA=> Macon County, Alabama=> past Atlanta, GA=> through Charlotte, NC=> Washington DC-Philadelphia, PA=> STREETS of NYC...20 years later, these same vectors are being used by Mexican Drug Cartel to smuggle drugs from the poppy fields of Mexico to the streets of NYC...[See NY Post Article & Position Vectors]...I found these vectors=> while attempting to analyze the Mandalay Bay Shooting, October 1st, 2017...

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Quantum Physics




Digitized Vectors

Position Vectors


Geo-Political Landscape

Vector Analysis

Cartesian Coordinate System

Geographic Data


Vector Analysis

Military Reconnaissance-Like Analysis of the GEO-POLITICAL LANDSCAPE

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